March 02, 2017

Weekly Roundup - 09/17

∞ For the first time last year, digital advertising edged out traditional advertising as a share of total CPG spending - by 15.9% to 15.5%.

∞ A neuroscience study concludes that when it comes to memorability ads seen on a publisher's site outperformed those seen in a Facebook newsfeed. (1/2)

∞ There were exceptions, probably revealing the underlying dynamic at play; hospitality brands and ads for TV programs fared better on Facebook. (2/2)

∞ Youtube users in aggregate are watching 1 billions hours of video every single day (a milestone that was passed last year but just made public by Google.) That’s around 8.4 minutes per human being on the planet.

∞ The British division of Coca-Cola has a monthly subscription with a company that uses artificial intelligence to compose music. Unbundled individual tracks cost $21.99 a pop. (1/2)
[The New York Times]

∞ Coca-Cola is also thinking, aloud, about using AI to automate advertising - from creating music, writing scripts, posting on social media and buying media. (2/2)

∞ Amazon's voice-activated platform Alexa just crossed the 10,000 "skills" milestone - setting off concerns about the scalability of its voice-based interface to enable users to discover new skills. Amazon's current solution is a screen-based skills store complete with ratings and reviews.

∞ Renewal rates for native ads are low overall (33%) across all media sites, but for publishers with more established native programmes the renewal rates inch higher (49%). The top 11 publisher sites see renewal rates ranging from 62% to 73%. (1/2)
[MediaRadar - PDF Link]

∞ An average of 610 new advertisers are turning to native content solutions every month. (2/2)
[mobile advertising watch]

∞ You can now play a road race game where the punishment every time you crash is a pop-up ad.
[The Internet Express]
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