March 09, 2017

Weekly Roundup - 10/17

∞ A study found that mobile app push notifications that feature emojis have an 85% higher open rate compared to those sent without emojis. Notifications with emojis saw a 4.51% open rate compared to 2.44% for those without.

∞ Facebook launched a new app dedicated to VR content, Facebook 360. It is currently available for download only for the Gear VR mobile headset and, according to Facebook, already hosts 1 million 360 videos and more than 25 million 360 photos.

∞ Snapchat users post 2.5 billion snaps every day and more than 60% of these snaps are decorated with text, doodles, stickers, emoji and video effects using Snapchat's inbuilt tools.
[The Economist]

∞ Connected spenders - a category of consumers defined as those that have internet access and are willing to spend their discretionary income - today account for about 19% of the global population, but are projected to grow to 37% by 2025. Cumulatively, over the next decade they are expected to spend $260 trillion — 46% of the world’s consumer spending.

∞ A survey found that 26% of US Teens watched Youtube every day, putting it ahead of Cable TV at 25%.
[Business Insider]

∞ More than 169 million U.S. adults - 70% of the population - now read newspapers every month - in print, online or mobile.

∞ According to eMarketer, Amazon is poised to generate more than $1 billion in U.S. ad revenue in 2017 — finishing ahead of Snapchat.

∞ Pokemon Go has already driven more than 500 million visits to stores partnering with the game.
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